30/04/2018 23:24

I live by the philosophy that you don’t need to make big changes in order to live a little bit healthier – it’s actually the smaller changes that you stick to that make the biggest difference long-term. So I thought I would put together my 5 secret tips on how to be ‘healthier’ – these don’t cost you a fortune, have you eating ingredients you have never heard of before – they are simple, effective and easy to put into place – you just have to WANT to be healthier…

Keep moving! It is no big surprise that exercise is good for you! People are telling you all of the time, but what I am talking about here is being active during your daily life too. Instead of taking the kids to school or nursery in the car, walk or cycle, don’t send an email get out of your seat and go and talk to someone at their desk. If you have to walk somewhere, rather than dawdle pick up your pace, it’s amazing how small effective changes can make the biggest difference long-term.

Make smart healthy food swaps – instead of reaching for those cakes and biscuits there are other ways that you can hit the sweet spot without feeling hard done by! Opt for raw cacoa powder and make your own homemade chocolates (you can access a recipe on my website on how to do this) Make bliss balls out of dried fruits, cacao and coconut they hit the spot without causing big sugar spikes. Choose dark chocolate coated nuts and have one – full of good fats and also hit the spot too.

Watch your posture – in the modern day we are living now ‘I-posture’ has made it as a real medical term. We spend so long now looking at our phones, necks pushed forward, or sitting for prolong periods of time this is having a detrimental effect on our health. Poor posture can and does lead to headaches, pain and can in turn effect our moods. So make sure you are chaning position at least every 20-30 minutes and add in some neck stretches, rotations and shoulder retractions too.

Give yourself some down time too! – By being on the go ALL of the time, you will end up depleting your energy reserves leading to adrenal fatigue, and this is turn will lead to poor sleeping patterns, poor diet, weight gain and potential health issues long term too. Now not everyone has the time to sit and meditate for hours on end, but you can and should schedule some ‘ME’ time in each week, and if possible for 5 minutes every day. It could be something as simple as reading a fiction book that transports you away somewhere else, or closing your eyes and focusing on your breath for a minute or two – which helps to slow down your heart rate, reduces your stress levels and allows you to live in the moment. You need to show yourself some compassion!

Sleep Tech Free!!! – I talk about this one A LOT to friends and family – the little blue light that is omitted from our electronic devises can supress the production of melatonin (our sleep hormone) which in turn means we end up with shorter poor quality sleep that leaves us feeling tired and wired – which in turns makes us make bad dietary choices and can lead to weight gain and poor health. So keep the bedroom gadget free, use something else as an alarm rather than your phone and read a book before bed to help induce a nice healthy deep form of sleep.

And if all else fails, why not book yourself on a place on one of my retreats where we follow all of this advice in luxury surroundings and under the blue skies of Ibiza!