27/07/2018 22:28

Would you like to be part of a group of people, all with one goal in mind? To be the best version of yourself? Then the 6 week shred could be the programme for you… read on for more information.


How this will work:

This is an online programme with a difference working together as a group to be healthier and fitter. You will receive a combination of home HIIT workouts, balanced with Pilates workouts too - on top of this you can opt to train 1:1 with me once a week if you are local to Long Ashton Bristol (extra charge for this), or you can opt for the home PT programme which I will write based on the kit you have at home.

This is NOT a DIET! This is an encouraging place to share recipes, healthy choices, feel ourselves get stronger and in turn leaner. This is a chance to rebalance maybe some bad choices you have been making in regard to eating and drinking recently (I am not immune and have been following this myself recently and I am really pleased with the results by making myself accountable!) This is NOT body shaming, this is supporting, encouraging and giving you the tools to make a difference to your overall health and feel the best version of yourself.

If you would like to be on board - we are limiting numbers to only 10 each time we run the online course so that we can work with you online and face to face if you choose the premium package to get you the best results and give you life time healthier choices. Please see below for the new intake.


Included in the programme is:

* 6 Weekly HIIT home workout videos - different levels available to suit all exercise needs
* 6 Weekly Pilates Home workout routines
* Either a home PT programme to follow or face to face PT sessions (Extra cost for face to face) with myself if you are local to Long Ashton.
* A Private group where we share/help and make one another accountable and support.
* Realistic and achievable goals to work towards
* A friendly support network to help you overcome and be the very best version of you.
* Weekly emails sent to your inbox with videos, recipe ideas and help



£69.95 for Online PT programme

£299.95 for weekly Face to Face PT

So what are you waiting for? - Sign up today and book yourself one of our places on the next round of 6 week shred.