27/07/2018 21:32

Welcome to the Fit2Drop A Dress Size. 14 days of reconnecting with your mind and body with exercise designed to fit into your day, running alongside guidance on meal planning and nutritional information.

Nutrition + exercise + motivation + 14 days out of your life = results.


Here at Fit2Drop, we champion clean-eating. This means no processed, fast, cheap or packaged food. And our new, improved meal plans for Drop A Dress Size have been developed for vegetarian, pescatarian, and meat eating diets – so no matter what your preference you can still join in and feel the benefits too.

You can even choose to follow a HIIT plan or a Pilates based plan as well – so no matter what your exercise background or preference we have the plan for you.

You’ll be fitting in 10-15 minute workouts during your day - the only equipment you will need is a healthy shopping list, plenty of good meat, fish and vegetables, plus some weights if you have them (cans of beans will do) and a space to workout in. You don't need lots of room, so you can even do this in your hotel room if you are a seasoned traveller, while on holiday, or in your office (if you dare).

“Too often, we associate working out with the idea of pushing heavy weights, rather than connecting to our bodies in a more collaborative, movement-based way coupled with an easy nutritional plan.”  Love Sarah


The good news...

  • There will be no counting calories - If you eat clean your body can use the food as it was meant to!
  • There will be no measuring out of ingredients - If you follow the plan, then you can eat as much as you would like off the list at meal times - yes really!
  • Headaches should be kept to a minimum - As your daily intake of water will be increased this will help for dehydration purposes, the only headache you may get is from a withdrawal from caffeine and sugar....
  • You will see results after the 14 days! - Eating cleaner and moving more, will help to tone and create a much slender silhouette - no scales in this plan, it’s all about the before and after photos and the inches lost! Photos don't lie!
  • A healthier, fitter, more energised you! - There are so many health benefits that I can't list them all here, but it has been scientifically proven that eating clean and exercising regularly can reduce your chances of heart and lung diseases, as well as increasing your immunity, helping you sleep better, and boosting your energy levels.
  • You will get a 'Day Off' - Yes that's right, you will get a cheat day - you will need to have a protein rich breakfast in the morning, but then you can enjoy a few treats for the rest of the day!


All you need to do to get going is click the sign-up button when you are ready to start your 14 day nutrition and exercise plan - its that simple! 

You will then receive email confirmation and instructions through to your chosen email address, followed by daily updates, recipe ideas, and a daily 10/15 minute video workout for you to do from the comfort of your own home.