27/07/2018 22:31

Would you like to be apart of the Fit2Drop community? Would you like access to a PT but don’t have the expendable cash to see one face to face, but have the drive and commitment to workout at home with some guidance? Then our monthly online PT community could be what you are looking for. We won't ever have more than 10 people one the programme at any one time, so if you would like a place, book your spot today.


How will it work?

  • Each month I will send you a monthly workout programme, utilizing the equipment that you have at home, and if you buy any extras let me know and I can build this into your programme. 
  • Payment is monthly at £25 per month, made payable through Paypal – you only need to click on the subscription line below to join.
  • You will join our PRIVATE FB group where we will post regularly questions, ideas, information, recipes, answer any questions and share information and ideas to keep everyone motivated and on track - so that you feel fit and fabulous all year round.


I am limiting the numbers, so that you get my attention - I don't believe in having LOTS of people at once, I am only one person and want to give you the time and attention that I would give to another of my clients. So if you are 100% in... then click on this link below and get the form filled out and secure yourself one of my limited 10 places only!