30/04/2018 23:37

We all know that as a human race our lives are more sedentary now than ever. We have machines that do jobs we used to physically do ourselves such as washing and dishes. We have motorised vehicles that transport us everywhere rather than walking and our jobs are less physical as well, particularly when you work in an office environment.

This doesn't mean we have to accept the outcome: which can lead to increased risk of terminal illnesses, skeletal issues and shorter life expectancy. YOU can make positive and healthy changes for yourself to counteract the effects of being sedentary for a large portion of the day.

Just because you are plugged in doesn't mean you don't need to move, why not kick your chair away and stand for 10 Minutes then sit for 10 minutes alternatively? This will get the blood flowing to your large global muscles and in turn make your more alert too, leading to better efficiency. Infact go one better and request a standing desk or a gym-ball to sit to help increase your core strength.

There are stretches you can do at your desk as well, ones to help mobilise and strengthen your neck and shoulders. Sit tall and lift your arms up in line with your shoulders then draw your elbow back keeping it high and retract your shoulder blades, alternate sides. You can also do head rolls, dropping your ear to one side and then chin to your chest to help reduce postural changes such as kyphosis which can lead to chronic pain in your upper back.

Lastly look at your nutrition - do you make healthy choices? Do you prepare your lunches and snacks for the day or rely on vending machines to keep you fuelled? Did you know on average each person based in a desk job consumes an extra 100,000 calories per year from snacks alone? That could lead to weight gain as much as 2 stone if the snacks you choose are unhealthy ones...this study has been carried out in the US, but makes you think now about what you fuel your body with. Plus eating sugar and high processed food leads to energy spikes and lows as well.

You can make positive small changes like bringing in fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables if you really can't go without your snacks. Prepare your lunch the night before so it's home-made, therefore you know exactly what has gone into it and you aren't reaching for something quick and unhealthy.

In the long term your body will thank you for moving more, eating better and putting your health first. Just because you sit down for your job, doesn't mean you can't be healthy.