30/04/2018 23:13

For me this is an absolute no brainer, obviously I will be biased as I am a Pilates instructor but there are GOOD reasons why we should all be partaking in this practice (ideally daily, but I know this isn’t always possible for everyone) but at least 2-3 times a week even if it is only 10 minutes at a time.

Pilates came about when it was developed by Joseph Pilates in a concentration camp back in world war 2, and he created a method of exercise using his bed originally using springs connected to footboards and headboards (Now known as Cadillacs and Reformers) and he insisted that everyone take part in exercise daily – legend has it that during the ‘flu epidemic’ everyone who followed his Pilates principle was fine and no one died…..

Pilates was designed as a vigorous form of exercise that helps to correct muscular imbalance, improve posture, coordination, balance, strength and also flexibility too, as well as increasing breathing capacity and organ function as well. Over the years the ‘original’ method as it is now know has evolved and changed and has been adapted for mat purposes too, making it an easily accessible form of exercise now for all.

Why YOU should give Pilates a go, even if you feel it isn’t for you!


Prevents Injury

Injuries can leave us incapacitated for weeks and months at a time, and with the Pilates practice we can help prevent them. By working on our deep core muscles, strengthening our back and working on flexibility this can help to reduce back pain over time.


Builds Core Strength

For most people the core is a weak area, particularly when we lead a sedentary lifestyle, and with everything going through our centre, a weak core means a weak back……

Pilates focuses on engaging the core through many exercises and helping to strength, tone – and as we work on opposing muscles it helps to give that long lean look.


Improves balance and Coordination

If your core is strong then your balance and coordination is also strong, as it again comes from the centre, so by working on the core and deep abdominal muscles you will also improve your balance.


You can do it ANYWHERE!

You don’t need any equipment, as you take your equipment with you….. your body! You just need space, a soft surface (if you don’t have a mat you can use a towel or blanket) and a willingness to flow through some exercises thoughtfully and with control.

Everyone can do Pilates from the young to the young at heart, and it doesn’t matter if you have pain or a chronic illness, by working on your core and stability and using exercises that are gentle yet challenging it is perfect for all. (However I would still seek advice form a medical individual before you partake as there may be some exercises which are not suitable) But there is NO excuse not to give it a go, its not EASY! Not if you do it properly and see someone who is fully qualified and passionate about the practice.

So what are you waiting for? Book your session in today!