Pilates is so much more than just a flatter tummy and strong core strength – it's a powerful exercise system that benefits your whole body. A typical class focuses on stretching and strengthening, improving posture, coordination, and flexibility but sessions can be tailored around specific needs or focal points on the body.



Pilates is beneficial for anyone, whatever your age, sex or fitness level. Its simple and low- level approach makes it one of the safest forms of exercise so it’s ideal for women during and after pregnancy. Recommended by osteopaths, physiotherapists and GPs, it is also used for injury prevention, rehabilitation and improved physical health.



• Improved posture and increased flexibility
• Better circulation and higher energy levels
• Improved core strength and coordination
• Relief from tension and back pain
• Toned arms, thighs, shoulders, back and buttocks
• A firmer and flatter stomach



BEGINNERS – Built around the main principles of Pilates, the beginners class introduces the concepts of control, centering, concentration, precision and breathing and flow. The course is structured so that it builds on each exercise every week, developing your core strength and ability as the term progresses. All equipment is provided.

MIXED ABILITY – A higher level of Pilates, this is aimed at those with some previous experience. During the course we follow the main core principles but the class moves a bit quicker and we get more involved in the exercises using more equipment. Our objective is to build on the intensity and level each week to take you to a more advanced level.

INTERMEDIATE – Aimed at experienced Pilates practitioners looking to maintain their practice and build on their fitness levels. Sessions follow the main core principles but the class moves quickly with increased sequencing and flow.

PREGNANCY – It is proven that safe and well managed exercise in the pre and post-natal period is hugely beneficial to both mother and baby, and Pilates is the perfect low-impact form of exercise. Our Pre-Natal Pregnancy Pilates course has been carefully designed based on our own personal experience of pregnancy and with the aim of providing you and your baby with a relaxed and healthy experience pre-birth. Our 6-week course provides you with the tools and techniques to help you through pregnancy – from deep breathing techniques and hip and pelvis openers to core and girdle strengtheners and deep relaxation. No experience necessary for this considered blend of Pilates, fitness and relaxation.

POST-NATAL – Pilates is the perfect low-impact way of re-building strength and muscle tone and boosting energy levels after giving birth. Sarah is especially experienced at working with women post pregnancy and clients are often referred as part of a rehabilitation program to address pelvic floor issues, realignment, pelvic girdle and SPD pain and divarication.

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Standing Order payment: £28.50 per month

Pilates: 10 week term - £90  

Postnatal Pilates: 8 week term - £75

Pregnancy Pilates: 6 week term - £55

Postnatal Fitness: 5 sessions - £45  |  10 sessions - £80
*Term time only*